June 10, 2024

Friends of the Children – Houston Celebrating Pride Month

Championing Love and Support for LGBTQIAP2S+ Youth and Allies This Pride Month

This June, Friends of the Children - Houston is proud to celebrate Pride Month, reinforcing our commitment to putting children first. We are taking this opportunity to support all LGBTQIAP2S+ youth, staff, and allies, regardless of their identity, ensuring that every child feels loved and supported.

One of our core values is fostering a sense of belonging. For youth facing challenges, knowing who they are, feeling accepted, and understanding that their contributions matter can make a significant difference. Throughout the year, and especially during Pride Month, we work tirelessly to cultivate this sense of belonging.

Pride Month's history is rooted in the resilience and perseverance of marginalized people who faced immense obstacles, including violence, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. The LGBTQIAP2S+ community and their allies have always strived to create spaces where they feel they belong.

Friends — Houston is dedicated to ensuring that all children and caregivers feel a sense of belonging, whether they are in rural, Indigenous, suburban, or urban communities. This June and every day of the year, we honor each child's uniqueness and continue to provide the love and support they deserve.