May 23, 2024

Friends of the Children Awarded The Bell Seal for Workplace Mental

We are proud to be nationally recognized for our commitment to creating a mentally healthy workplace

Mental Health America has awarded Friends of the Children - National the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health with a gold rating!

We know that to serve families and children, it is crucial that we first model strong mental health support for our own staff. While Friends - National continues our work to better support staff, we are delighted and proud that Mental Health America has recognized our efforts.

Only 1 in 4 employers meet the Bell Seal certification standards. Mental Health America says that “recipients of the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health are nationally recognized as meeting or exceeding workplace standards that promote positive mental health and well-being and join a community of leaders committed to advancing the workplace mental health movement.”

Mental Health America is the nation’s leading national nonprofit dedicated to the promotion of mental health, well-being, and condition prevention. The organization has a 115-year history, and the Bell Seal status is highly sought after. You can read more about the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health here: