Luis Negreros

Board Member

Chief Financial Officer, Children at Risk

Houston, TX

Luis Negreros, a proud resident of Houston, hails from Mexico City and grew up in Spring Branch, Houston. With over fifteen years of executive experience, he has honed his expertise in financial analysis, operations, and strategic business development across both nonprofit and private sectors. As the Chief Financial Officer at CHILDREN AT RISK, Luis has significantly enhanced the organization's financial health through improved resource allocation and oversight, strategic planning, and risk assessment. He was instrumental in the seamless merger of two organizations, implementing new financial processes, enhancing operational efficiency, accountability, and aligning resources with mission goals.

In addition to his role at CHILDREN AT RISK, Luis founded a consultancy focused on improving the financial operations of nonprofit organizations. With clients across the country, his firm is dedicated to refining financial and compliance practices, resource allocation, and decision making processes to amplify the impact of the nonprofits the firm serves. Luis has assisted a broad spectrum of nonprofit organizations, from small to large, addressing their diverse financial needs and supporting various missions.

Luis graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Finance and Accounting, laying the foundational knowledge that has supported his career. He is happily married to Diana Zarzuelo, finding joy in cooking up gourmet meals and cherishing moments with his three young children – Liam, Nora, and Isla.

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